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PostSubject: tourney   tourney EmptySat Aug 25, 2007 1:42 pm

if anyone reads these forums...

I was thinking of a big tourney its been a while since my last one and it is meant to spice things up a little bit.

The rules are a little different.

The tourney is meant to strengthen bonds between clans and make new friends and alliances.

The rules are:

1. you can have 4 members to a team.

2. You cant have a teammate from your own clan.

3. You play all gametypes. (BR CTF TDM... Lo grav weps unless you really want.)

4. all 4 Members are from diffrent clan you dont have to have llike(DTK, SoL, PoeT, can have any any clanmate as long as they are from different clan the rule cna be bent if and only if you cant find a clan mate)

so if you or your clan is intrseted please just tell me on the USSR is the topic in the forums. ... srkyo#3744

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