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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:29 pm

1. Respect people like you want them to respect you. They have feelings which make them different from bots, everything you say to them influences their behaviour and may lead to disappointment or even anger. We will not lower ourselves and start complaining about the server. Servers cost alot of money and everyone should respect the ones who rent it. If you have a dispute with someone, invite this person to a conversation outside the game, where you can put your differences aside and talk things over. If the situation gets out of hand, contact the Leader, Co-Leader or a member of the Board to sort things out. Don’t let yourself be responsible for a verbal fight or anything else that damages your own reputation as well as the reputation of the clan. If a member is acting in an immature way the Board will discuss further steps which - in the worst case - can lead to the removal from the forum/clan.

2. When you request to join Divinity, you will get a try-out. If we think that you are good enough you will be allowed to wear the probation-tags DV For a variable period of time we will observe how you interact with other members, how you behave in public chats and in games and if you check the forum regularly. Once the Board decides that you fit into the clan, you will be given the final Divinity tags. Wear them with pride!

3. Once being a member of Divinity, you have to wear your tags whenever you play a game. It would be appreciated if you wear them on MSN and any other messenger-program, too. We recommend you to stick to your name once you decided which one you will use, aliasing is not forbidden though. If you feel like playing with another nick from time to time, let us know in the Private Section of the forum.

4. Communication within the clan is very important. The forum is created with the purpose of free communication between the members. Therefalso recommend you to download MSN Messenger for an additional way of talking to each other. During clanwars and we will use ore you should visit it as often as you can. We “Teamspeak”. You can download this program here. In order to use it you should own a headset Xfire download

5. Once being a member of Divinity multiclanning is strictly forbidden, except you want to join another clan that plays a game we currently don’t play. If you do it secretly and one of the members finds out, you will have to bear the consequences for disobeying the Code of Honor*.

6. You will never hack or cheat in games, not even for fun! You will never use a hack character, aimbot, or any other third party software that gives you an unfair advantage! Disobeying this rule will lead to an immediate removal from Divinity.

*Consequences for disobeying the Code of Honor

Trying to trick the clan means disobeying the Code of Honor. This misbehaviour leads to consequences which will be discussed by the Leader, Co-Leader and the Board. Depending on what the person did wrong, this Board will find an appropriate measure to solve the problem. If the respective member still carries on misbehaving, he will be excluded from Divinity and its future actions.

If a member is accused of disobeying the Code of Honor, it first has to be proven. Until this hasn’t been done the member won’t face any consequences!


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Clan Rules
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